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Let’s be Inspired by Oprah Winfrey – On International Women’s Day

Originally posted on ThoughtsnLifeBlog:
I came across this you-tube video  a few weeks ago. The youtuber (Evan Carmichael)  has compiled these 10 rules that he feels are Oprah rules for her success.   Well, I don’t know what Oprah would say, if she agrees, that  these are her 10 rules for success.    Nevertheless,  this…

Best Self

“28 Days to Loving your Body” Challange 

This challenge was complete success. The goal here was to learn to love ourselves unconditionally physically and mentally. To realize we are imperfectly perfect, and we can accomplish anything we set out minds too. I’m grateful and proud of each woman who joined me on this challenge to better themselves. They all did an amazing…… Continue reading “28 Days to Loving your Body” Challange 


Motivation Monday” with Leesha McGuiness;

        Today marks day twenty of our fitness challenge! With 8 days left we are working hard to improve our lifestyle everyday. We are also very lucky to have a special guest, Leesha McGuiness! I came across her after watching a video from Heidi Somers, “10 Fitness girls in one house.” I…… Continue reading Motivation Monday” with Leesha McGuiness;