28 Days of Happiness

Perfect Day Too…

Allow yourself to not have a care in the world today. Give yourself a break. Unless it's homework or something important to do get it done stress free the relax. Go out for a walk enjoy the sun, breeze, go visit family or simply clean your home to prepare for the week ahead with a… Continue reading Perfect Day Too…

28 Days of Happiness

Accepting one another

Happy Challenge Day 26: Today's topic is about acceptable people as they are. Everyone has their own personality and set of trait that make them who they are. Sometimes they are enlightening, wonderful characteristics while other times they are quite not compatible for our standard. Accepting who people are and focusing on bettering ourselves is… Continue reading Accepting one another

Best Self

How Meaningful Relationship can make you Happier

The best things in life are free; love, kindness, freedom, and friendship. No matter how old we get we will always need these emotions, and in the end of our days the things that will matter the most is you who you loved, and who loved you! Research has been done on many elderly people on what matter the most at old age and… Continue reading How Meaningful Relationship can make you Happier

28 Days of Happiness

Why Planning is not Enough and Executing is Key

We can sit and plan all day, but if we don’t execute the plan with action most of it was a waste of time. No matter how good you set the plan hour by hour, if it’s not getting done what the point in planning anyway? Well here is why we should plan. You set… Continue reading Why Planning is not Enough and Executing is Key