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Making Financial Budgets can seem to be a strain, another chore, but in reality its key to one’s future success. 76% of Americans are living pay check to pay check, I strongly believe it’s because we fail to plan, and set priorities in motion. I myself, unfortunately, am guilty of this. It’s easy to splurge at the moment, make excuses, and purchase unnecessary items. It’s much harder to have discipline, stick to a budget, and be a 100% responsible. Hence, I have come up with some ways of crunching numbers and staying on track!

Here are some Easy, Simple and Detailed examples.


Paper based Bills, separated into a folder with labels.


Use a budget list were one can write and calculate expenses. I prefer to use One Note ,  were I can create my list and see all the months on a notebook.

Monthly Budget Sheet, Microsoft One Note


An Excel Spread Sheet, with a percentage of Income Spent.

Personal Budget1

These are the Easy, simple,detailed steps for those who are more detailed or advanced, I definitely recommend doing the next step.

Above & Beyond


  • For Technology savvy individuals, I recommend installing a Finance app to keep track of your outgoing expense.
  • Agendas & white board Calendars also a great way to remind yourself of future bills & keep notes.
Rise above the 76!



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