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Follow Up

{ Picture above was a 1 1/2 ago when the thinning started}

I forgot to leave the coconut oil over night, but this morning I left it in for 40 min. It felt amazing washing it off, and after letting it air dry I could feel a slight softness in my hair. I liked the results so I’m going to try 3 times a week & see if it helps.


Ps. Sorry I didn’t post earlier, like I said I would, it just a serious struggle having a 2004  phone with a horrible camera & no internet!! I miss my iPhone 😦

On a positive note I’ll be looking forward to an awesome birthday gift 🙂 ❤






4 thoughts on “Follow Up”

  1. It really looks breathtakingly awesome!!! Wish you a beautiful weekend – Fondest regards, Micah 😊

    PS: Did I mention “breathtakingly awesome”?!?!?! Really, I mean it 💝

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