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Monday Movtivation

“Let’s all live inspired lives, and change the world!”

—Tony Horton

 Great Inspiration, Tony Horton creator of p90x, motivational speaker, & author.

“What’s your 30 day goal, 60 day goal, 90 day goal, what’s your 120, what’s your one year out, 2 yr., 5yr..”

Don’t do it for your looks, make it a lifestyle. ♠

xoxo-Monica Marie


7 thoughts on “Monday Movtivation”

  1. I’ve got a 30 Minutes goal: to get me the first ice cream 🍨 of the year and call it a day with a great big silly smile that even the lucky old sun will fall in love with me *LOL* — and then I think I will dance to a Katy Perry DVD to let my neighbors know I’m home and Spring is in the air *LOL* how about you 😊


  2. — and ten minutes earlier out then too later? Well, it’s Monday afternoon around 5pm here. So, one down and only four (days) to go until the next weekend — I’ll do marathons on inline skates, which is also a great opportunity for a Katy Perry music workout 🎧🎶😊

    I wish you a sunny day at work 🌄🌅

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  3. Yes, it’s all about making diet and exercise a lifestyle. I know that when I eat healthy, I feel good. When I eat crap, I feel like crap. It seems so simple, but is such a difficult task for so many.

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