Best Self

Hope is Everywhere.


In this ever changing world, were the media seems to glorify negativity, there is aspiration every where.

There are many outlets to explore and discover. One personal and inspiring project that recently intrigued me is,

ThinkItUp– Innovators in Engineering Education.

This is an American Funded Project, that is working on creating one positive moment for a negative one. Think It Up aired September 11, 2015 the day the twin towers collapsed, in hopes of adding joy to that day. has given students grade’s  7-12 opportunity to develop projects in, ” student-powered, teacher-led, and crowd funded learning projects.”

We can all help be part of “addressing real-world problems, generate new ideas, and prepare for 21st-century challenges,” by simply going to and donating some extra cash and,  if you can’t donate you telling a friend is just as great.

You can watch the telecast on Hulu.

Happy Easter/Pasch/Jesus resurrection day Everyone 🙂


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