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“How to Win Friend and Influence People.”

Dale Carnegie, was an extraordinary man. He was an American writer, lecture,  and the developer of famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking, and interpersonal skills. He is the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People written in 1936, and stand bestseller that remains popular today. 

This book was part of my March Goals, and is one of my favorite now. After each chapter I grew wiser in the approach to handling situations in home and work life. The lesson that’s stuck with me the most is how a little encouragement, the right way, can go so far. The confidence it breathes into someone can be  everlasting, just like the negativite words/feeling one projects can be. We all want to be acknowledged, respected and appreciated, so in the end it comes down to caring and being a leader. Next time your faces with reprimanding your kids, coworkers, husband, ask yourself “how would I like to be addressed”, “what will be effective”, “can I take this negative situation & build this person up and help the grow instead of hindering and building resentment?

Definitely recommend this ๐Ÿ™‚

Xoxo- Monica Marie


20 thoughts on ““How to Win Friend and Influence People.””

  1. Yes it is a great book, I read it a while back, it has pride n place in my book collection and I refer to it often. I didn’t know his background thanks for sharing that. The one thing that I actually do in my life – that I read in his book – (I kinda of was doing it before I read the book, but after reading i made myself more regular) – To review your day – your interaction and make a plan of change, this one act really make a huge difference in my life.

    great post

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  2. Good to hear Bella, I actually need to go back and Touch bases, now that we’re mentioning it. I love that tip thank you for sharing, but one question how exactly do you do that, write it down list those things and make the plan of change ?

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  3. Hey Monica, loved your book review! I am about to write one of my own in the next month, so I wanted a good example to follow & I think yours is great :)) I read How to Win Friends and Influence People a couple years ago & I just remember liking the advice given – I remember a story about how to get your employees to follow the rules in a respectful way… The boss went over to a group of guys who were smoking in the non-smoking area & handed them each a cigar and asked if they’d smoke them in the smoking section. That really stayed with me because it shows how important it is to treat people! โค

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