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All People Matter 

“Don’t give him money, he’ll spend it on beer” – Society

A phrase I to often here, when wanting to give my fellow citizen a little help. Yet, little do these people know how it’s like to be out in the streets, wishing you could have a meal, a nice beverage, that will brighten ones day.

My answer to the phase above “I’m glad I could make them smile.”

Yes I may sound Naive, but I you ask me, if I were on the streets no family, no love, no ambition, just meaningless finding my way, I would LOVE if someone gave me $2,$5 dollars to buy what made me happy!  Just like its my business how I earned it it’s mine how I’ll spend it…….

One thing iv learned in this life is we’re not all privileged, were not all born into family’s with money or morals. Everyone’s story is different and we can all learn a little from each other. From the AllStar’s who gets up in the morning with one goal one focus, to the hard workers who get up eveymorning to make sure they have something to eat, to Survive.

Please, next time you see a homeless man/woman don’t be afraid to show kindness. We are their light, let’s not forget to care and give people the benefit of the doubt.

Thankyou for reading this 🙂

*Inspire by the walks of life who, touch my tender life.

Xoxo- Monica M Nicanor➕


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