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                                                   April 23, 2016

Good Morning Everyone, 

 I Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday morning. It’s A lovely day here  in San Francisco. I just got back from breakfast  and, a beautiful 3 hour walk.

I meant to post the message and nature pictures below yesterday for Earth Day, but In results of me taking video and pics all day my phones storage was full. It  causes my phone to be slow so, I couldn’t upload the pictures…….

April 22, 2016 

I began my weekend spending it with my partner and enjoying the beautiful view of SF. My favorite part of the day was going through the Golden Gate Bridge and sitting near the bay relaxing by the waves. 

Have a great weekend 🙂 🌎

Golden Gate Bridge

Fort Baker



He cought a Fish🐠😂☺️



Ps. The funniest part of yesterday was, seeing a man walk across the street carrying a bucket of chicken and getting it taken by a pack of seagulls. Lol  😂



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