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Team Building

Today was the best work day of my  life. I’m fortunate to have a leader who cares about his team, so he organized an activity for each job position, to get to know us better.

I’m Grateful for this experience, because not only did I have the time of my life but I was able to meet other great Store Managers and get inspired by their strengths. Were constantly calling each other, so it was nice to finally put faces to voices and meet new friends. It was also a perfect opportunity for us to encourage one another and build a stronger bond for the company, and we did.

For our activity we chose to do Indoor Kart riding and dinner at the Lazy dog. Both places were marvelous, it was great to see everyone enjoy their time and getting to know one another. I wish more company’s would do this for their associates it truly made in impact in my  life knowing I’m part of an organization who cares about their employees as they do their customers.  It makes me want to work harder to give back to a company who see my value and cherishes me. Overall I’m grateful for having a leader who cares about my self  improvement, and constantly empowers me to be a  better human being.

(Iv attached some pictures, their not the best due to limit in photo time.)

Have a pleasant night everyone  🙂

XOXO- Monica Marie

Ps. Thank you Nicolas for this amazing experience you have given us. You truly are a phenomenal leader and human. God Bless you always.


12 thoughts on “Team Building”

  1. That’s great Monica. You know, I truly believe we were made for relationship, made to connect. Sounds like your leader has an understanding of that need as well. Look like you had a great time.
    Hey, are you from Ontario?

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  2. I believe the same Staci, & yes he does, thankfully 🙂
    No, the kart racing and dinner was out their, but I grew up in Southern California so I’m very familiar with Ontario 🙂
    Are you from there ?

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  3. I’m not from Ontario, but I am Canadian. I lived in Ottawa for 6 1/2 years as well. Originally from Vancouver, although I haven’t lived in Canada for 14 years now. Haha.


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