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6 Sentence Story – Address

I recently got invited by Stella, to  Ivy Walker’s 6 sentence story, and I’v always been a fan of poetry so I decided to give it a try. ( Please bear with me as I work on my writing skills. 😊) 

Ivy’s cue is ADDRESS: 

She sat on the bench at 3 o’clock  as she always did after he left. As the wind blew through her hair, she stared at the church, hoping he’d show up this time.

It had been two long years since she last saw him. He left to the Army to serve his country to never return.

She had faith her Romeo would come back, until that windy day, she picked up a post Card with the church address and her name that read, ” Wait no longer, I’ll always love you and I am with you. I have always been a part of you”, she knew then her wait was over, and his battle had ended, he was home.

Xoxo- Monica Marie πŸ’•


18 thoughts on “6 Sentence Story – Address”

  1. THANK YOU IVY for the wonderful creation. If it weren’t for you doing this I might have never had the courage to try it. I’m looking forward for to every Thursday because of this I had a blast creating nothing to something. Thank you for the comment it made me feel great! πŸ™‚


  2. I’m just so glad you joined in–I knew you’d enjoy it! And you really impressed me!!! Sunday we’ll get the new Cue from Ivy–so I hope you’ll be able to join us again!


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