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Paint your picture 

6 Sentence Story with Ivy Walker 

Cue word is “Draw”.

One of my biggest desire’s growing up was to be an Artist. Being that my father’s passion was art, I inspired to be as Great. As time passed and I got older, I realized I couldn’t draw nearly half as great.

Hence, I gave up on that dream and decided that I might not be able to draw a picture on paper, but I could write and paint a picture on others mind.

That’s how I decided to start my writing Career, and to my surprise fast forward to today, I’v been blessed with a partner who is an Artist, and teaches me how to draw. I learned that after all dreams do come true, and I am an Artist.

Thanks for reading & I Hope Everyone has a Wonderful Thursday.

XOXO- Monica Marie


15 thoughts on “Paint your picture ”

  1. Thank you so much Stella, I’m equally as glad, I never imagined I would have this opportunity, but it happens somehow, and I’m Grateful. It’s all thanks to you for inviting me, it was the push I needed, blessing to you as well!❤️


  2. Oh my, I can’t take any real credit–you’re so precious (and beautiful)…I’m debating whether to post my photo of “Wild Woman Stella”… 🙂


  3. Well I give it you its your invite & comments that persuaded me 😉
    Your sweet as always Stella! Oh silly Stella, I think you should, I would love to put a face to you. 😊


  4. It is never too late to express yourself in any way. Whether it be writing or artistic endeavors it is your expression and feeling that come out for there are no real rules.

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  5. Yes I agree, even the people who practice reprehensible actively are considered “Artist “lol. I strongly believe in one way, or different forms were all Artist at Heart.


  6. This was a great lesson on not giving up your dreams because you compare yourself unfavorably to someone else. Each person has a story and something creative to contribute to the world, it sounds like you’ve found your niche and also a new understanding of how to draw in a way that expresses you!

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