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Reaching Greatness

It is said “Everything was Impossible, until somebody did it,” and  it’s been proven over, and over by Man that we can obtain whatever we put our mind to.

Steven Frayne AKA Dynamo, is a brilliant example of how some of constantly push to be our Greatest. He did what Man hadn’t seen done in Centuriers, walking on water. Yes he is a magician, and has obviously thought of a plan to make it work, but the point is he’s pushing himself to do more than imagined.

His story was intriguing to me because he told of how he was bullied when he was younger. A bunch of bullies  would roll him down a hill, until he told his Grandpa, and that never happened again. Dynamo first Magic Trick was taught by his Grandfather it is to make himself seem extra heavy so others could not pick him up. It worked for him and he still continues to use it today.

I strongly believe, “We are our own limitation, as to how far we can go”. There’s an old saying that there are three kinds of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. Which one will you be?


Have a Salubrious Saturdays World.

Love, Monica Marie

Ps. Life will always have challenges, we might now be able to get away from sorrow,  but we can substitute the feeling by doing constantly what we love. Dynamo loved magic so as a kid he would lock himself in his room until he was the Master at Magic. Les Brown knew since he was 6, after seeing a powerful preacher come to his house and give his family food they didn’t have what he wanted to be like, and he did it. I recall hearing him say, he  wished he could say he’s been speaking for twenty years, but he had not. He made mistakes in life he didn’t always believe in his greatness but there was others that did, and while he didn’t believe, it was enough to keep him going. Now, he’s proof dreams do come true and we can reach to our highest potential if we constantly focus on self improvement and take action.


3 thoughts on “Reaching Greatness”

  1. I agree it moves me as well, it’s reinforcing to know these individuals can accomplish the things they desire, even when it seems impossible. My Pleasure thank you for reading! 🙂

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