Best Self


Horoscope Life Mantra:

Aries – ” To truly enjoy life is to savor every little detail the universe had to offer”

Taurus – ” Change opens the door to opportunities and brings fresh experiences into my life.” 

Gemini– ” I can achieve great things by identifying my priorities and focusing on the the task in hand.”

Cancer – “Exploring the unfamiliar opens up new sensation, which add richness and color to my life.”

Leo – “ My heart reflects Mother Natures Bounty ; in sharing I find joy.”

Virgo – ” To truely live others, I must first learn to love myself.” 

Libra – “ By creating my own happiness, I will find my well-being.” 

Scorpio – “ By expressing my feelings, I unlock my soul and connect with others.” 

Sagittarius – ” The world is a beautiful place that fills my soul with wonderment and joy.” 

Capricorn – ” Through trust I relinquish control and find my heart’s ease.” 

Aquarius – ” I rejoice in my uniqueness of spirit and acknowledge that my strength lies in being an individual.” 

Pisces – ” By staying grounds and creating boundaries, I harness my talents in order to fulfill my dreams.” 

*Sources come from The Guide to Astrology- Understanding the secrets of the stars and planets

Click the Horoscope link, If you would like to check out your daily forcast 🙂

Xoxo- Monica Marie


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