Best Self

Happy Friday 

The weekend is here! 

Even thought I have to work, I’m looking forward to my trip to Texas! Finally after 5 years I’ll be seeing my siblings and close friends. In addition, it’s been about 3 months that I’v been actively blogging, and It’s truely been the most rewarding experience ever. Doing what I love, while meeting kind, intelligent individuals has been a blessing in my life; So here’s a big  THANKYOU to those of you whom daily inspire me to be better and continue to do what I love. In my social life, I constantly brag about how loving and open WordPress is, so today I want to tell you writers how much I appreciate your kind words and motivation.

Besides writing for an outlet for myself, without your support and love I wouldn’t be as passionate. It’s the gratifying feeling of know I’m helping myself rise, and bring others with me that makes my world go round and keeps the Fire in me burning high. So please feel welcomed to comment, share or like my post so I can know what you readers want to know and like. Thank you all for your time, and committing yourself to be the best you can be in your world. Together we can be a stronger nation, fighting for a better tomorrow and making an impact in other life’s. Thankyou all again for your lovingkindness. I leave you with these last thoughts:

” Tied together in one”

Without you I am nothing

With you I am everything

Through thick and thin

I’ll have your back,

If you ever need me

Call my name,

and I’ll be there.

Love, Monica Marie 💕


9 thoughts on “Happy Friday ”

  1. Thanks, I agree with you as well, I actually didn’t know that I found it as a quote on google images. What sound would that be? Thanks again thoughtsnblog, I appreciate your support. You have actually taught me something I practice everyday. It’s writing the poem you recommended to me of “I am light, easy breezy and bright”. I do it every morning when I wake up or when I’m not in the best mood, and I feel myself more at ease and meditation on those words! 🙂

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