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Motivational Monday 

It’s Monday and it’s Great day to start, or accomplish any prolonged commitment. One small step, or attempt towards achieving what you want to succeed in is, preparing for a better tomorrow. Take a huge leap and committ to your goal and that’s success in a day! 

I personally, have been trying for a while to commit to exercising. Unfortunately, I have a bucket of excuse that needs to be thrown out. So I’m putting it out here, and posting myself accomplishing my committ, to be held accounted for. 😊

My weeks goal is:

To work out 4 times a week. I’ll be posting it on here and my Instagram MonicaMarie421

Exercising shouldn’t be a luxurie but a way of life. Simply because it helps our health. It prevent health disease, controls weight, strengthens the body, and it leads to a vital quality of life! 

Now I ask you, what’s your weekly goal? Is there something you’ve been meaning to accomplish? Think about it for a second……… 

Now Mentally Invision your goal. See yourself accomplishing it day by day. 

Think about it again but this time with your eyes closed and in detail. 

Examine how good you felt at the moment you saw yourself accomplishing your goal. Now, Realize we can do it. It all starts with a step and a commit foward. 

Feel free to let me know if you would like to follow up with you or comment on my progress. That why I started this blog to help myself reach my full potential while helping others. 

Let’s stimulate one another and make the day count! 

Happy Monday Everyone, 

Xoxo – Monica Marie 


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