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Life, Embrace the Day

Enjoy everyday! I know this is easier much said than done but, let’s be real, we’re all ticking time bomb with an unknown timer.

This week I’m in Texas, and Iv had the most heartfelt time with my sibling. After 5 years, seeing them so big and changed, is something priceless. 

I’m thankful for being able to see my mom as well, and just hang out like old times. Before, I turned 18 and decided to take on the world. 

Everything is going splendid, except the tiny little accident I had this morning.

On my way to coming back from dropping my brother off at school,  I hit a truck. At that moment, my life flashed before my eyes. 

My first Car accident! Thankfully I was fine and nothing major happened. Now I understand why the say many accident happen within 25 miles from ones home. I was one only a block for my home. I was condfident I would get home, cook breakfast, and Clean up, but life said otherwise. To be honest it was just as scary as, the time I slid on canyon road, due to rain and a hole in the pavement. Speed limit was 60 I was a 30, but apprently that’s we to fast. Miraculously, I dodged cars next to me and luckily pulled the Ebrake just in time to stop before hitting the mountain. 

My point with this is, we never know when our last morning, day or moment will be. I love to learn something new everyday, and from my experience’s I grow and apply them to my life. 

The 3 things this experience has EMPHASIZED in my life:

1) Materials don’t matter 

      *What matters is doing what’s right.                    Stop if you hit someone, and as long as everyone is okay, everything else can be fixed. 

2) Live in the moment and let it go. 

     *Every moment has its time, when the time has passed let it go, and live in the next one. 

3) Appreciate the ones you love; remember today is our gift, and tomorrow is not garanteed.

    *Love, Love, Love. Talk, and be with he people you love and admire. Do what you love, and if you don’t know, spend time figuring it out 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read this, It is a piece I felt I had to write and share. May everyone be safe on the road, and live life to the fullest. Be happy, life is a playground 🙂 

Xoxo- Monica Marie Nicanor 


2 thoughts on “Life, Embrace the Day”

  1. Hey Monica, Are you okay now – accidents can take their toll and quite shocking to. But, you are right – we gotta live in the present. We don’t know what’s going to happen that why I never like to have anything hanging around. I always like to leave everything on a positive note. Everyday when I step out – I always make sure mum and i see each other faces. Even before going to sleep – I check in properly. I guess this is a habit for many years since my father passed away when I was in my final year of university. That event and another 3 years later – changed me . I feel it so important , live for now, let go, tell the ones you love that you love them often often – let there be no doubt …

    I hope you are well , take care of yourself. Get back to driving as well – don’t put it off. Don’t let any fear sink in.

    You take care of yourself
    Regads Bella

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  2. Bella, I love your approach, and thankfully I’m was perfectly fine. The scare and shock startled me the most. Bella this was an enlightening comment. My truly taking it all in. Thank you for these impactful words. I will get over my fear and live every moment to its fullest 🙂 Bella, thank you again, and take care as well 🙂

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