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The power of Delete 

“Eliminate what no longer works, embrace and cherrish what does.”

For a while I didn’t want to have a Facebook, because I thought it was another thing to keep up with. The fact that I saw people I used to know from the age of 13, but  no longer talked seemed pointless. I tried deactivating my Fb, but when I needed to message someone whose number I didn’t have, I’d log back on, and become active again.

It took me some time, but I finally came to the conclusion to just delete everyone I didn’t talk to, or influenced my life. Some were easy to get rid of while others were a little difficult due to some past emotional attachment. In the end I decided if there is no connection now there probably won’t be one in the future, at least not one constructed of deep love.

After deleting over 200 people, I felt reliving to be free from the past, and grateful for this new phase of my life. No old string attached, and the people that are on there are family or people I plan to grow with.

I definetly recommended this for anyone looking for change or simply get away from what no longer works. It’s much better to have 20 great friends that you actually impact than 200 that seem to simply judge or are ghost.

In the end it doesn’t matter how many like or followers you had, but who you support and who support’s you 🙂

Take the time to focus on yourself, and those that truly matter; not keeping up, or competing with X.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Day!

Xoxo- MonicaMarie


17 thoughts on “The power of Delete ”

  1. Monica, Beautiful heart felt post. I only started facebook in 2012 – i avoided it . I only have a few family and friends and work colleagues on there. In fact I cleared some dead wood as well only last week. In-fact I reduced my visits to facebook. For me less is more and it has always been like that. A like minded supportive friend is gold.

    We have to clean the clutter in our social media, in our houses – in the drawer, the cupboards/ wardrobes, and in our minds – continually. It is always important to make space in all aspects of life. When there is space, we have room to grow, otherwise we can’t grow.

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  2. Thank you So much for this acknowledgment! I checked out “Dunbar’s number” and yes I agree I can’t have more than 150, now I understand why. Thank you again for reblogging my post 🙂

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  3. Nicely worded Bella! I agree and love your mentality, especially about “when there is space, we have room to grow, otherwise we cant grow” never thought if it those words, but that is the reason I went on a delete rampage. Thank you for this support and understanding 🙂

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  4. You are welcome. Dunbar’s number is an estimate of “channel capacity” for humans. Others exist, too. For example some (I think maybe including Dunbar) say we can only have a maximum of about 16 “close” relationships. But, yes, in the end any notion of having hundreds of “friends” becomes a bit silly. Channel Capacity: (That is all very technical, but it also applies to our ordinary human communications. We just have a limit on how much we can communicate, and spreading ourselves too thin means that quality drops. We neglect people that really matter because we are afraid to let go of someone who no longer does.)

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  5. Decisions like that can be tough. I encountered one of my own a while back. I knew in my gut that I was making the right call, but I did not have anything to back me up, and I had someone close to me practically shout that I was wrong. But, I wasn’t. And, later, the message came to me that confirmed what I already knew. I suppose our situation is a bit like this:


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