Best Self

Love Yourself, First

In order to give yourself to others, one must first learn to love oneself the most. By that I mean fully appreciating yourself, for what you are and what your are not. Its easy too look at others and admire their strength, beauty, and life. Many times it’s hard to look at ones self with all these attributes, when that should be our focus.
In reality we posses these attributes as well, but were to busy wishing and desiring, and we don’t make time to examine our personal beauty. Truth is, in each of us their is, wisdom, perseverance, and compassion, the only difference between the ones who have it and don’t is, who bothers to look.

Next time you find yourself staring atthe reflection in  the mirror, realize that the person looing back at you is with you forever. So treat them with, appreciation, love, and admire who you are.

You are one of a kind and that’s unquie. Your a rare dimond, a beautiful creation, the only one. Love yourself first, take care of you, and then the rest.

This statement seems selfish, because it is. To be the best you can can be, one must first learn to love himself, soul, mind, and body.

When you open your heart, to your own garden of beauty, your world will change for the better. Of course this is much easier said then done, but with baby steps it will be the best self discovery Journey.

Xoxo-Monica Marie


5 thoughts on “Love Yourself, First”

  1. Hi Monica, Lovely post. We must appreciate ourselves, the good bits and the bad bits. The bad bits can be improved. The Good bits can be enhanced. Never should we become arrogant in who we are. The more I understand myself the more I understand others. The more I focus making myself a master piece the less time I have to worry on another. But always one should be kind, humble, sincere. Never should my ego rise so high in self appreciation – for then I will never become the best that I can be – because my ego say hey you’re cool – but you aint. Ego and Arrogance are not cool.

    I loved this post, I read it first thing in the morning, but only had time now in the evening to comment.

    The thoughts and vision in the post are beautiful.


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