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5 Steps to Become Motivated

Motivation, a trait that we all posses. Some use it wisely, while others remain dormant. It is the essential difference between doing the things we desire, or lazing around the day. Motivation is the key factory in attaining goals and making dreams become reality. 

Goals are never easily acchieved, if they were, they wouldn’t be a goal, but something you do. With baby steps and working towards a better tomorrow one can make it happen over time. The only obstacle in your way is you, and your will. Even if you have kids they are not an obstacle, they are your seed that you must nourish while mastering time managing to keep a balanced life. Everything is possible, as many humans have already proven to concurred the “impossible”. You can build the life of your dreams and have the things you invision. It only takes, commitment, dedication and motivation. Listed in no chronological order because our personailtys are all different, some may have a stronger commitment sense, where another is brilliant at motivation. Start where you are strongest and work your way to the rest. 

Here are the 5 steps to become and stay motivated

1) Wake up to Positivity – 

Start your morning right and set the tone for the rest of your day. Guaranteed, not every morning will be a ball but, playing a song, watching comedy, or listen to an audio that makes you happy, can save the day and bring the Joy out of you. As Roosevelt said:


2) Eliminate the Junk

Remove what no longer works for you. No need to keep holding on to past emotions, materials or state of mind. In order to forward with positivity, one has to becareful of what enters the mind and who we surround ourself with. 

3) Find reasons

Do things that matter to you. Don’t waste your time trying to please or impress others. They don’t care! If you want to accomplish something, do a project that come from the heart, and satisfies your internal being. 

4) Do set deadlines 

Yes I did say to take baby steps, but as baby’s learn to walk they crawl, walk, then finally run. So don’t get comfortable, or you’ll be at the pace for a long time! Which is better than nothing, but that’s were setting deadlines will help. Set a deadline for every task you plan to accomplish. Write it down, or type it somewhere to hold yourself accountable. My favorite place to write is on One Note

 5) Find a Source

Search, reconnect, or  develop a deeper relationship with your believes. Since this is a touchy subject I won’t get into the details here, and tell you what to believe in or point fingers as to what is “right” and what is “wrong”.  What I will do, is share my personal experience. I believe in a universal creater. For me, he has many names, but only one face. I relate to the God, the Christians, Jews, and Islams believe in. I pray, I make mistakes, and I don’t hold them to heart. I still don’t have it all figured out but, since my Reconnection with God, my life has changed for the better, and everything is much clearer. Im human, of course I want material, new clothes and all money can buy me, but more than anything I desire to live everyday, rich in memory, not money, because throughly my connection with our creator, I’ve realized my love is my inheritance. That’s something no one can strip me from, when all else fails, love prevails. In addition, so much greatness, has manefisted in my life because I Believe. My goal here is not to praise my life, but to show you how it works for me, in confidence you’ll find your outlet. We’re all different, and we all have different beliefs and that’s okay. We each got to learn our own lessons, and figure out what’s inside. Now that is shared my secret to manifestation, what’s yours ? 

The last thing I’ll leave you with is a tequnique I acquired watching a Ted talk on “How to stop screwing yourself“, and there I learned the 5 second rule to activation. She explained how when we get a thought, we have five seconds to activate the thought with action, and make it happen before the “what if'” and laziness come in. 

Have a Great Weekend everyone and don’t be afraid to make a change, start with one small thing soon enough it will develop to change. 

Change opens the door to opportunities and brings fresh experiences into our life. 

 Love, Monica Marie Nicanor 


6 thoughts on “5 Steps to Become Motivated”

  1. Hi! I like what you’re doing here. Would you like to write a guest post for my page? I think my subscribers will like you. Best, Eric

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  2. Hello Eric, thank you very much for the offer, I would love to accept it. I just checkout your page, and Found many intriguing post. I believe I can write something your viewers may like, what do you suggest?

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  3. Hi Monica, Great post, really brilliant and clear. Great guidelines. Yes, God our father – the one who recharges are batteries so that we can become good again.

    I really enjoyed this post very powerful.

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