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How saying sorry can help your relationship 

It’s easy to get upset, and defensive in a relationship. It’s doom to happen in every partnership. What matters is how one reacts to the situation. Sincerely Apologizing, and recognizing ones error is the best way to move forward while building healthy habits.

Check out this video on: Why and how to say Sorry.




6 thoughts on “How saying sorry can help your relationship ”

  1. Hi Monica, Great post really enjoyed it. You are very consistent with your blog and your post are really uplifting and different. Really enjoyed this and clip. I want to sorry to you in-case by accident I have indirectly said anything to upset you. In our culture (India) we have a day in the year where we ask for forgiveness to everyone, it is great if we do it sincerely, but when something is a routine I find us – who practice – don’t do with a full heart. Thanks for reminding me of this. I think this is really important topic and practice. Have a great day – regards Bella

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  2. Aw Bella, Thank You it’s nice waking up to uplifting and empowering words. Lately I have done my best to stay consistent, I appreciate you noticing and acknowledging. I love that tradition and, would also like to participate. I agree, A sincere apology can go a long way and here in the Us we could definitely use that day. Your comment met a lot coming from you as it was your post that inspired my consistency . Thanks again Bella I hope your day is Blessed 🙂

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