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Ladies, Value Yourself

Heartbreak, a heartfelt emotion that can leave one powerless; it seems. In reality, it’s a choice. Either, we can sit and cry all night long about a boy who broke our heart, or we focus on the love we feel within. Time is said to be the healer of all and it seems to be true, but why wait for time to pass when you can make a change now?

“Just because one guy didn’t see your worth shouldn’t make you feel like your not wanted. Your pure beauty inside and out, your always gonna be wanted. Everyone needs to go through a bad heartbreak to find the one worth fighting for.” -Cesar Hernandez

Yes there is a time to mourn, as a time to cry, a time to fall, but there’s also a time to get back up and fight. Win a battle that is yours to conquore, because when your done picking up your piece you’ll be surprised at the new creation. The lessons and experience you went through are meant to make you wiser, and stronger. Your heartbreak is no longer be your destruction, but ones resurrection.

Ladies don’t let anyone under value you. See the worth, and beauty in yourself. Love Yourself First, explore what makes you happy, soak in positivity, and surround yourself with people who influence you to be greater.


I wrote the poem below, a while back as a follow up to the above statement by Cesar Hernandez. This was inspired by an old acquaintance FB post, where she was constantly posting about her former partner leaving her, and her new born baby. It must have been devestating for her, but to see her come out stronger, wiser, confident and with a child that she deeply love, is precious. At the time it may be the worst phase of your life, but I want to remind you to smile. Smile through the storm, unless you want to be the storm, be it, but after you finish your hurricane, pick up the mess you made. Remember no one had enough power to control your emotions, if you feel they do, Find your strength. 

Because Everyone Does

“Heartbreak I could tell you a thing or too. I myself have witnessed, the tornado.It makes a mess of you, destroying everything in its path, sometimes even you.Your left to rebuild what was once whole, Slowly constructing the pieces together only to create a Masterpiece. Heartbreak my enemy, my friend.

Love, Monica Marie


4 thoughts on “Ladies, Value Yourself”

  1. Hi Monica, Great piece. Yes old heart ache and time definitely heals. But, why wait for time to heal – just move on with life. There is benefit in everything, and if we cling on to the old then new can never come in. There is a blessing in everything. Never be dependent on anyone – be independent and interdependent but never should one person be your world – is my personal belief. Actually – one spirit to be dependent on is God – but we can’t blame God if we fail to remember him.

    I enjoyed this post of yours. Bella

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