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Question of the day

I’m curious as to what you think, please comment, I would love to hear your input. 

To answere this question, 

Mine would be to speak my heart, and live my vision. 

Who would I get there? 

Iv been listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer teachings, for the last few months, and as silly as this sounds I didn’t know he passed away. I just found out yesterday, and it touched my heart how even after his death he is still alive in spirit helping heal and guide people like me. Then it struck me, that’s what I want to leave for the world. Iv always known, since I was 9 I was great at listening and giving advice, my vision at 15, and continues to be, is to be a speaker, humanitarian, and lover.  I am, what I set my mind to be, and how I will get there is by the steps I’m taking now. Studying the greats, becoming confident in myself and abilities, and constantly pushing myself to be better everyday. I don’t know the detail, but I know with time the dots will connect. 

Now what would you pick? 


21 thoughts on “Question of the day”

  1. Mine would be I live my heart in good spirit and to be around with good souls who is motivating me and guiding me. I will live by faith and follow what my heart feels. To the person whom my heart does keeping, I love you and I don’t know how it become. Trust me! You know who you are!

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  2. My question to myself every day is :- what is the purpose of my life, what do I want to achieve, what is important?

    Answer, Spiritual Balance, where meditation and connecting to the divine are main, studying Meditation, improving my character, understanding Karma, being a person of Royal character, one who know when to speak and when to be quiet, one who know how negativity has not place in my life as it takes me away from spiritual life balance and connection to the supreme. When there is clutter in the mind then there is no space in my mind to connect to him in meditation. Additional, earn money for my lively hood – but never to fall into greed of money , enough to have a nice life and cover a few rainy days to donate to charities and in the divines work… BALANCE…

    Monica, great post, yes Wayne only passed a way quite recently

    great post, enjoyed it. TC bella

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  3. This is beautiful, we all should ask ourselves this, I’m sure we would love a more purposeful,joyful, peaceful life! Mediation is great way to connect iv been starting to do it, but haven’t found a routine. When do you find time ?
    It’s the wise thing to give, one day I will do the same….. His one year death anniversary is coming on August 29, I would love to do something special for him not sure what, but I would love to honor his name for he has brought much wisdom and peace into me. Thanks you for commenting Bella.

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  4. Great addition!!! That is a part I am working on. With time I plan to make the my that my mission to answer the second part. I will be getting back to you with a chart strategy on this soon enough πŸ™‚

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  5. I have seen and read about a lot of great minds so far, you know what they have in common they have all followed what their heart desired. In this world there are so many social pressures that people usually end up doing things they have no desire to pursue. I for one would want to follow my heart and would want to encourage people to pursue what their heart wants. It would really make me happy even if i could do something really small for a person as long as it makes the person happy and brings a smile on their faces.

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  6. I love that! That seems easy. I guess maybe for some it isn’t but when one is genuine and set with a positive perspective the compass is easy to read. Act of kindness are the best to put smiles on people faces, and spreading positivity. Thanks for you comment, I love your outlook.

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  7. I agree some people have different ways, but good people have this outlook for the most part. Being kind and warm to people is something which can really help people get out of those chain of thoughts in which they are trapped in. People need to know that there is someone who cares. It is my pleasure i really liked your question and i just wanted to express my opinion:)

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  8. I agree you 100%! This is all so true that’s why I created LFTD to remind others we only got to live for the day so escape those traps and mental blocks we put on ourselves, some towns without even knowing. Thanks a lot for your input πŸ™‚

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  9. Hehe, I believe those are our teachers, and honestly WordPress has helped be get through those myself. I’m 6 months in and developing in to my best self With the other self help post, and with my own blog… Great choice !!!! πŸ™‚

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