Best Self

Fitness lover 

Work in progress

110 and counting 😁Commitment is never easy, it’s much easier to say than do, but at one point action becomes the only route. At least that’s the case for me. I’m still very very far from my destiny but I’m well on board on enjoying every step of the journey and appreciating who I am. 

That being said, fitness is becoming my lifestyle and I’m loving it. My puppies are enjoying this as well, now cocoa goes out on daily walks and since we live close to a park she gets to let lose and enjoy a field of green grass. As I said previous to this I’m working on becoming my best self and that involves devoting to a healthy lifestyle.  Little by little its becoming second nature, I do wish I would have stared earlier but hey I’m Glad I decided to start now at 23, then later.😊

So whatever age, size, etc, you are it’s never to late to start that road to a healthier, stronger you 😊

Xoxo- Monica Marie 💕


72 thoughts on “Fitness lover ”

  1. Welcome to WordPress! Honestly my biggest advise would be 100 % desire to do it. Your desire, dedication, and why’s will take you far. By “Why’s I mean the reasons you are doing it.” Give your self a goal,and a reason as to why you will stay committed. (Iv tried everything list, planners, new months to start over, nothing work beside my desire, and persistent to see my vision tangible)


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