Best Self

7 Things I wish someone told me 

1) Love yourself the most.

To often were found in an upsetting situations because someone left, betrayed, hurt, abused, or neglected us and when that happens we look everywhere for healing except in ourselves. Band aids cover wounds the healing is done inside, and helped by what you put on the outside. Yes there are people who love and support you, but at the end of the day your stuck with yourself, So the best relationship you can have is with you. You know how’s to make you smile, laugh, feel loved, beautiful, worth, and cherrised, so love yourself the most. 

2. Value your youth 

When I was younger I just wanted to grow up. My freshman year I stared my countdown as to how many more years till I turned 18, little did I know those would be the years I missed the most. No one told me the seriousness of adulthood, so now I try to tell every youthful person, enjoy your time, be involved in school activities. and don’t miss prom! They’ll be the sweet memories of your youth. 

3. Everything works out for a Greater     Good. 

When the storm is pouring on you don’t you worry the sun will shine twice as bright in the near future. Trust me, it also makes you wiser, and special because with that experience you gained something valuable that makes you rich in knowledge. (If you chose to look at it that way, if not you’ll be a tornado roaming in circles ) You carry something to share, something only you understand. 

4. Grow/ Develop a deep relationship with the creator. (In my case God) 

Whoever that may be to you, whatever you call the source, or creator, have a growing relationship with him/her. I’v heard many speculations of different beliefs but whatever it is you believe, as long as it positive, use it to fuel you to be better and stay strong. 

5. Your past struggle, will make you wise. 

I did imagine a 15 that my experience were leading me to a great higher purpose. However I couldn’t imagine just how much they would shape and help me. I wish anyone that is going through a difficulty, confusion, or just a hard time, peace. Peace in knowing there is going to be happier days, and this is just a phase that will make your better in some way. Know that today is creating a better tomorrow, if you allow it. We can’t always control what we’re going through but we can control how we react. 

6) Take care of your Body, including toes.

It’s never to late to start, I’m starting at 23 to work toward a stronger healthier body, but boy do I wish someone told me at 18 how crucial it was to start asap. More than anything I wish someone told me not to wear so many high heels that cause ugly feet, so I’m telling you young ladies, take care of your feet!  If you don’t take care of yourself you’ll see the results of it as you age, all over your body, including toes. 

7) Live for the Day 

Life isn’t hard. Our perception is what makes it a challenging.  All we have to do is embrace the day, moment by moment, and works towards being better everyday. It is good to have a plan, but when that plans fails no need to beat your self up, just redirect.  Having  an enormous amount of faith, living in the moment, and trusting God to take care of things is my equation to an awesome day what’s yours ? 

May everyone have a Blessed day and thank you for reading. 

-Monica Marie 


10 thoughts on “7 Things I wish someone told me ”

  1. Number 1 is probably the hardest for me! I always try to put other people before me because their happiness makes me happy, if that makes any sense! Great post though just very hard for me to focus more on myself, other than my workouts, that is the only time I spend for me half the time! Great job amazing information!

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  2. That’s great that you workout, and you get your you time there. I get what you mean about putting others happiness first. I think it’s something we have to practice and through that practice we would learn to out ourselves first. In certain situations of course. Try scheduling maybe a day a week just for you. Soon I’m sure you’ll learn to like it 🙂

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