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As promised, here’s an update on the lashes I bought Yesterday. I abosulety loved them. Wish I had more practice to show you guys how to do it, but with time practice makes perfect, and I’ll be able to make videos to show you how to get it perfect! 

Bought these at Target for only $3.89! (glue must be bought seperate)
Got some work to do! Being a makeup guru is no easy job lol. Look at the right one to get an idea of how they look on the eyelid.
This is me with them on. I love the length and the way they make my eyes look 😍( 1st time wearing long ones)

Hope everyone had an awesome day! 

Xoxo- Monica Marie 


8 thoughts on “Eyelashes ”

  1. Look good on you – I have never tried and I dont think I ever will – scared that when you take them off one could take of my own lashes. I am bit lazy with makeup etc. I wasnt when I was younger, may be now sleep is more important… well now that i have started to work i wear a little.

    The lashes look good, but you are pretty with out them too.

    Enjoy the lashes.

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  2. My pleasure, I recommended them only for special occasion, as it gets a little bothersome. Definitely worth the glam, but only on special occasion or when you want to look super dolled up,I would say.

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