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Start your day right 

When we first wake up in the morning is extremely important to fill your mind with positive empowering thoughts to set up for an impactful day. Les Brown States, “When we first wake up our brain is operating at 10.5 wave cycles per second, which makes our subconscious most impressable, whatever you hear in the first twenty minutes will affect the spirit of you day.”

I watched Les motivation yesterday, and Oprahs enlightenment today, which both  highlight self awareness.

Oprahs tells the key to authentic everlasting power, and her legacy of the lives she’s touched, by creating opportunity for young woman to have education and chance at a better life not into for them but for the community. 

May everyone have a wonderful morning & day!

Xoxo- Monica Marie


5 thoughts on “Start your day right ”

  1. Great post, The early hours are so important, or rather the first minutes from waking – they set you day. But I also believe we can reset out days if they go a bit out of whack.

    love the videos…
    thanks for sharing

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