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Wayne Dyer 

Today marks the 1 year Death anniversary to Dr.Dyer. He is an American philosopher,spiritual Leader, who teaches self reliance, unconditional love, and offers advice on connecting with the higher self. He has also publish many books, and sold over 35 million copies of his Erroneous Zone Self-Help book, which was issued on August 1, 1976.

Wayne died at the age of 75, before he was famously known and was a motivational speaker, he was an orphan boy, till the age of 10. From the abandonment of his father, and the experiences he acquired being an orphan he learned the lessons life had to teach him to be the phenomenal teacher he was. 

As I’v been on a Dr.Wayne Dyer obsession lately, I personally have to many audio videos I love from him so I’ll link my channel, so you can pick one that relates to you on Wayne Dyer playlist. My favorite story of his is how he came across finding his dad, and the unconditional love story he shares about Edwarda & Kaye.  

What will you choose ?
It’s true, change your perception, and yourl life will change.

What will you Manifest ?

May everyone find some time and watch one of his videos on this special day, as its Michael Jackson birthday too! 

Xoxo-Monica Marie 


4 thoughts on “Wayne Dyer ”

  1. Don’t worry I was a year late too , I found out early August I was in awe. I wanted to tell him, his mom and I have share the same birthday, I told a good friend and that how I found out! I agree, so many rumors, but I know he’ll be a legend that lives forever! 🙂


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