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Don’t ever give up, here’s why… 

Today while listening to Joel Osteen, I was touched by  a story of a young girl who was in vegetable state for 4 years, and whom doctors said would never live or much less walk, is 21 years old a tv personality for ESPN, model, motivational speaker, and walking. 

This is a glimpse in her own words of her story:

When I was 11, I got sick. My back and side ached, so doctors took out my appendix. Then my legs began giving out. My foot dragged. Within two weeks, I lost all feeling and function in my legs. Next, my hands stopped working. I couldn’t control my arms, couldn’t swallow properly or find the right words when I wanted to speak. It was as if someone was slowly shutting down the switches on the circuit board that controlled my body and brain. I was slowly slipping away from my family. Then everything went dark….

Check out her full story here.

Joel was talking about how through those tough times we are transported to a greater destiny, and through my own life I can be a witness of that. Lately I’v been feeling uncountable gratitude towards everything but today after reading this I strongly believe the impossible is possible and the Lord know what he’s doing in every step. My intention is to Spread hope as Victoria has done in my life. Her story reaffirmed my believed as well as made me appreciate my life in a different view. Please read her story and apply these principles to your own, life is only as hard, stressful, etc. as we make it. Have a fantastic on purpose day, and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle! 

Love, Monica Marie ❤️


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