Best Self

Today is a good day 

It’s a fantastic day to start a new habit or threw away an old one. If you’ve been circling in your mind for a while of something you want to do, today is a good day, to do it. 

I promise it will be worth it, and you’ll be happy you did it. The begging phase may be a little ache but, get throught the first day moment by moment and, watch yourself becoming strong willed. 

Whatever it is you want to do; quit and old habit, running late to work, eating junk food, smoking, or whatever you want to start, working out, being kind to yourself, new meal plan, do it! 

I myself am commiting to breaking old habits and creating new ones to replace the old, and move my life forward. Who wants to join my on this journey, of moving forward to become ones best self? 

If that’s you, don’t wait for tomorrow any more to quit or start. Today is a good day! 

(Landslide, Whitney & Shannon, my song to get through this life transformation. )

Don’t be afraid, your more powerful than you think 😉 We can do this! 

May everyone have a blessed day!

Love, Monica Marie 💕


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