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3 Tips for achieving your Goals 

Commitment is never easy, but with a strong desire, game plan, and a reasons it can easily be achieved. 

1) Write a list of what you want to do, and why you want to do it. 

Map it out write a list, so you can visually see why you want to embark a new habit or quit an old one. By remind yourself of your goal, and knowing your motives you will be more prone to accomplishing it. 

2) Mind over Matter

Change doesn’t happen in one day it’s bunch of day accumaliting that gives you the biggest results. Its just like a baby learning to walk, one start’s crawling, slowly stand up, and then walks. Be strong willed in your determination, listen to motivational videos, check out YouTube for people who’s lives you aspire, and simply get motivated. 

3) Check it off 

We love to see checkboxes, to see our progress moving forward, I recommend you have an app or a planner. Way of Life- The ultimate Habit maker & breaker, is a great app to try. My favorite place to write things down is on my Day designer. As well as that, one can write things around ones home, restroom mirror etc, to not forget about ones Goal. 

Three easy steps right ? They are, but they will only work if you have the urging desire to make a change. Today is a good day, to improve your life and for Excuses to be gone. My motivation for change came from my great teacher Dwayne dyer check our his Excuses be Gone audio, to get rid of them once and for all. 

“The greatest power to change lies in you.” 

Now what goal will you achieve? 

Xoxo- Monica Marie  


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