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Beginner guide to blogging 

So you decided to start a blog but, have no idea where to start, then keep reading as this post will help set you in the right direction. 

1) Pick a niche, determine your audience.

What are you most passionate about? Decide what your going to write about. You can write freely anything that comes to mind but,  it makes it easier for others to follow you if you have a niche. 

2) Decide whether u want to have a free host, or buy your own. 

WordPress is a free host, that is what I’m currently using . Whoever I do plan to upgrade my plan to get my own domain name. That’s is what I recommend if you want to have a domain without the whole If you decide to purchase go to the  section “plan” section under “my site”, and pick what works for you. You can also choose another sever like Bluehost, Godaddy etc. I tried  DreamHost couldn’t get the hang of it so I deactivated, your more than welcome to try it though. 

3) Start Writting 

Don’t be afraid to express your thought, we are a welcoming kind community and are here to support one another. Get your content out, be consistent, and write. It’s also great to comment on others post and be interested in other blogs. That will help with expanding your blog, and getting to know other wonderful humans. 

Last tips 

  • Hashtag in WordPress = Tags. 

Creating tags also helps with promoting blog, you can find that In the setting ounces your going to post. They are separated by a comma.

  • Categories 

You can pick a main category to automatically put your content in, and create new ones. Just beware of overloading categories, as erasing them take using the browser and other matters. I had a hard time, finally contacted WordPress support they were able to help. 

  • Credit Images 

“Copyright laws are strict, and one small omission may result in a spoilt reputation or even a lawsuit.” 

There for is important to credit images, I was unaware of this till recently and am now Citing my images. In the link are the how’s to. 

  • Be involved 

It’s great to creat consistent content but, it’s even better to be be involved with others, comment on post, like and, share. 

If anyone has any other tips please comment below. 😊

Have a wonderful day WordPress Friends! 

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Xoxo- Monica Marie 


7 thoughts on “Beginner guide to blogging ”

  1. Try checking the “theme” section under personalize my site. Click the customize section, and the click into the “need help setting up your site?” It will give you lots of information. Not sure if your them has it to but if it does you can also select the symbol on top of the “overview” button and it expands it to the layout of the example of your theme, which can give you ideas on how to set up your home page.


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