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Care for you Teeth

Do it now before it’s to late, and if you think it’s to late it could always be worse. 

Taking care of ones teeth and going to the dentists isn’t always fun, but it is neasary for a beautiful life, as our smile is what we shine with daily. 

I just wanted to share a few tips I learned from my hygienist that I was completed unaware of: 

Carbohydrates, the sticky ones, are not good for your teeth as it releases acid that stays in your mouth for 40 minutes. 


  • Eat few carbohydrates, be picky with your treat! Eat them fast, as if you take 30 minutes to eat a snicker the acid will be in you mouth for over an hour! 
  • Rinse while eating, and rinse after & drink plenty of water.
  • Use an Electric toothbrush & a Waterpik

If ignored, eventually the Plaque will  soften the the enamel and then becomes bacteria which eats away the enamel.
Image Source 

Lesson learned, & a special thanks to Tami from Bright Now Dental for the great service & information ! 

Xoxo- Monica Marie 


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