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How to manage your time

Managing time is the most essential part to making ones day productive. Its important to know what it is you want to manage as well. A action plan, and To do list can help with this.

Create a Action Plan

Start with figuring out what it is you want to accomplish. Set up a master plan, then dissect it into smaller goal that become daily To do’s.

Make a To Do list

Every morning, priorities and set up daily/weekly schedule with task to move forward in reaching your master plan. Track your progress on a planner, or to do list and cross it out ass you accomplish the task. It will be a boost of confidence to see everything done.

Move on, and focus on the positive

When you don’t finish what you had plan, reschedule, let it go, and move on. Sometimes we waste additional time stressing about not accomplishing or finishing a goal. Take breaks in between projects and focus on the positive.

Lastly getting a good night rest and waking up early, is a powerful tool to waking up, energetic,  motivated, and ready to conquer the day.

May everyone has a wonderful productive day!

-Monica Marie




9 thoughts on “How to manage your time”

  1. Hello, yes I do use a planner, and have a monthly white board calendar, in some cases I do use my phone for important event, however I mostly stick to my planner. I find tracking it down so many places gets overwhelming. I love the Day designer planner they sell at target. It offer a goal tracker, to do list, and priority section which is helpful. Thanks for asking, I will make a post sometime this week to help out with that!

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