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How to Schedule your Day

With time flying by and a dozen of things to do, it’s important to plan for a successful day. This will result in completion of projects, less stress, and a productful life. 

Here are four simple tips to help:

1.Having morning routine-This is the most important part of your day. It can be something intellectual or spiritual. By doing this your feed your brain, and retraining negative thoughts. Your not only starting your day positively, but your preparing for battles that lay ahead. I recently learned Tony Robin, morning routine. I love the process and find it motivating. You can also listen to audio that inspire, or enlighten you. 

2.Create Goals– Pick a few goals  you would like to achieve for the week. Write them down somewhere you can constantly see them.

3. Make a Daily to do list-Mentally invision the all the things you would liked to accomplish, based of your goals, errand, chores, etc. then schedule them in daily. Priorities them on the list, or write them how your day will flow. For meeting, appointment, events, I would write them on a monthly calander. This will remind you of the occassion. This can be on your planner, phone, calendar, or just a paper. Check them off as you accomplish them. In additition, visit the page you wrote your calendar and todo list often to keep them fresh in your mind.

Last tips:

  • Go to bed early & Wake up early- If your not already, the beginning will be a challenge. However  it will become an easy routine as you keep doing it. This will give you more time, and help create productful days.
  • Not enough time to plan in the morning?- No problem. Set your day up the night before. I have that issue sometimes, and find planning in the night a perfect solution.
  • Energy drained?- Easy fix, get some rest even if that means rescheduling. Its just as important to be flexible. Things happen, don’t stress you can always reschedule.
  • Nothings working you can move forward?- Keep having the right Intentions. As time continues and you try your best to become a better person, habits will be created. Not only habits, but a positive mind.

Now, this is all simple. As easy as it seem, the biggest obstacle for me personally is Will Power. We can write down daily list,  have a life organized 110%, but without the will power, we wont go as far. My best advice for this problem is to find something you want so bad, your willing to give anything to get it. Also, live for the day, but plan for the future. We’re only garanteed this moment, however we have made it this far, so why not plan for a better tomorrow? 

Thanyou all for reading, please comment if you have any tips you want to share. Have a wonderful day, WordPress friends. 

 Xoxo-Monica Marie 


15 thoughts on “How to Schedule your Day”

  1. Great advice. Have you gradually tried these techniques over time to build them or was it just a matter of setting them in place and following them :)? I am currently making a mobile health application aiming at improving all aspects of health. If you have some time I,d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

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  2. Hello, I actually gradually tried these to figure out what works what doesn’t. Now that I’m more strong willed I have been setting them into place and following 🙂 I would love to, where can I check it out ?


  3. Hey there, I can relate to this massively. I’ve tried and tested many techniques and it’s great when you eventually find the ‘right’ things that work for you.

    Ohh, I am also going to conduct a social experiment on instagram soon, showing how the app will work and my journey through improving health. My hope is that this will encourage many others to do the same and follow it’s progress to see how this can be achieved…

    You can get it at 🙂

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  4. Don’t do any of these things but just have a general routine to my life now instead of winging it so much, have found works better.

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  5. I’m still working on how to plan my day lol! Glad you told me you posted this because I seem to have missed it in the reader. Thank you! The best thing I do for planning my day is some advice I’ve been hearing around a lot lately – and it’s just do the most important thing first :))

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  6. You’ll get this soon! I love that advice it’s true, that way you have no excuse of why you didn’t do it!
    If your still having trouble just skip all those steps build a routine, (that fits you) and keep it simple with a paper todo list, to make sure you do what needs to be done that day. Now you have no excuse why something didn’t get done 😊

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