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Fact – Life Lesson(s) Will Repeat Until We Learn

Must Read! Learn now, don’t let it take you 10 years to learn the same lesson.


Fact – Life Lesson(s) will repeat until we learn what the lesson is teaching us.


Life is one big lesson or a series of lesson.

Life is an opportunity to be a better person each and every day.

Lessons  will come into our life.

Lessons will come into our life – repeatedly until we learn the lesson.    There was a film called Groundhog Day with Bill Murry (to this day I haven’t watched it end to end).  Basically, Bill Murry would wake up to the same day again and again until he learned what he had to.

In the same way lessons will repeat until we learn.

A fact of life is that a lesson will come to you again and again until that lesson is learnt.

The lesson may come to you in different disguises but  it will repeatedly come to us until we learn what we need…

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