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Blogmas, #1 Why I’m Here.

Hello World,

I’m am late to the party, but I am here! Ready to join in for some Blogmas fun. I was unaware blogmas existed, but now that I know I would definitely love to partake, and just for fun I will do it till January 7, 2016 to make up for these last 7 days. Since I will blog everyday I will probably be sharing a lot of my personal life, as I won’t have a bunch of education content, because I did not prepare for this. However mostly everything I post will be intentional, where you can take something from my post, even if it’s just a smile. 😊

In February 2016, I created Live for the Day, to be an outlet of expression, and a platform where I can help other and myself become all while embracing the day. 10 month later I find myself actually living a LFTD lifestyle, and it’s my best accomplishment yet. Through this process I learned, I’m not a 100% sure of where I’m going but I’m 110% confident that no matter what comes my way I will overcome it. I will take one step at a time, and never forget that everything will pass. Even when I do fall, I’ll get right back up and remember the past is gone, and I only have this exact moment garanteed. Therefore, I’ll live for the day, and only today. The future is a mystery to be solved, and the present is a gift to be lived. So no matter what your going though don’t forget, “This to shall pass.” 

Life is a beautiful adventure full of beauty everywhere. You just have to fully open your eyes, and look around. No matter what card are dealt to you, it is meant to make you stronger, better, wiser, if you choose. So choose this route, not the defeated, victim one. We can all rise above and reach our full potential, it’s all in you. Everyday do one little thing that makes you a better human being, as you progress you will naturally be inclined to do more, and more things that will help you become your all! 

Well loveys this is it for today thank you for reading, and Happy Holidays.❤️️

Xoxo- Monica Marie 💕


21 thoughts on “Blogmas, #1 Why I’m Here.”

  1. Thanks Bella, I’m glad you motivated me to do it, even though I was 7 days late. (Wouldn’t have done it you didn’t say to just do it) 😊 Yes I am, when is you anniversary ?
    Im happy you like this post & I appreciate your support a lot Bella, thank you again.

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  2. Thank you, I wasn’t always, but through walking done a negative path, I’v learn the value of positivity, and optimism. Life is so much better with these tools, and that’s my message to share, so we can all walk down an enlightened bright path together. 😊

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  3. 17 th of march … you know tgete nothing like late.. certain thing are the what we make them. Look forward to blogmas day 2 of lftd. I did a bit of exercise this morning so happy with myself.. just need to keep it up now..a bit of exercise in the morning before day starts

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  4. Yay almost there! You have done a phenomenal job with saying consistent and producing helpful content. I admire you for that, as I am still working up to that. I think the blogmas will help with that as it will help me build a blogging habit 🙂
    Good for you! Yes keep it up, your body will start to like it more, and soon it will just be a routine. 😊

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