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5 ways to Self- Love 

“The most beautiful thing is to love yourself unconditionally, from there, you’ll learn to love others the same way.” 

Loving oneself unconditionally isn’t always the easiest but, with these 5 steps you’all be on your way! 

1) Take full responsibility of your life, every bit of it. 

Accept yourself for who you are, and don’t blame others for anything! If your not happy with some part of you don’t waste energy feeling sad, instead make slow progress to fix, and better yourself. 

2) Move Forward 

Take this moment to be present stop, and acknowledge the present, now move forward. You are no longer your past, you are free to make a right turn anything no matter how many times you turn left, and run into the wall. Let it go, and let it be. 

3) Learn from the Greats

There are so many wonderful people we can learn from. People who have been at the pit and rose to the sky. As well as learning from bios we can read a book that someone took years constructing, and research, and learn from them in a few days. On of my favorite book is from Don Miguel, The Mastery of Love

4) Discover your Passion
Find outlets that make you happy, and expand your creativity. Devote yourself to find something you love to do, and feel happy doing. If you already know your passion, work on it weekly, push yourself to create, and broaden your imagination. 

5) See the beauty in you 

We are all beautiful beings. Wether you think it or not, you are beautiful, and that confidence is something no one can take from you. See yourself for all you are, kindness, wisdom, compassion, integrity, perseverance, & love. Beauty shouldn’t be only measured in the physical, but in character. Personality goes a lot farther than a beautiful face.  

Last Tip; 

The Journey to self love is an unforgettable one. I can preach that because I know what it’s like to feel unworthy, and unloved. The year I finally learned love myself and realize how special I am, was the moment my life changed. I went from feeling like no one to becoming a star in my own world. When you know your self worth, no on can bring you down without your permission; nobody can make you feel less. With self love you realize you are own first & last  love, so you don’t have to worry about being accepted, because you treasure yourself. 

I leave you with this last thought; 

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