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Fitness Inspiration

My biggest inspiration is Heidi Somers who is a YouTube Fitness Coach, model, Bikini competitor, Entrepreneur, and over all an amazing human being. She moved at the age of 21 from North pole Alaska, to Houston San Antonio to chase her goals and live her dreams. Today at about 27 yrs, she graduate from medical school, and recently launched her clothing line BuffBunny, brand that empowers woman.

She went from being underweight, to later on at 21  becoming overweight by 135 pounds. That doesn’t seem like a lot,but because she is 5ft it was to much for her height. In San Antonio, Heidi joined a crossfit gym who did a bikin challenge. It was a 6 month out journey that lead her to a better  healthier lifestyle. 

More than her dedication and hard work to her passions, she contagiously spreads positivity and motivation through the word through her YouTube Channel, and fitness expos. She daily inspire me, and other to never give up, work everyday toward your dream, and has proven hard work pays off. She has helpful effective home, and gym workouts. She is also like my personal trainer, since I started working out in July, I  have watched her videos tooken screen shots of the workout, so I can look back at the gym. This helped me with navigating confidently through they gym.

I posted my favorite Videos of her below. Check them out if you like. Highly recommend them, as her positively, is infectious. 


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