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“How to Slay 2017”

Hello Friends,

I’m Wishing that everyone is having a wonderful start to their new year!

I  am grateful for another year, and another opportunity to a fresh Start.

While I’ve hear a lot of people excited to start 2017 to make Resolutions, I’ve also  hear some say “its just another day”.

I agree it is another day, but the view one has on that day it what makes is special.

For me is another chance, a boost of motivation to keep challenging myself, and learning and finishing projects I start but never complete. 

I Watched this Video on YouTube, on ” How to Slay 2016,” and I was fond of her view on a New Year.

“Step number 1, when it come to setting New Year Resolution, is to realize that time is an Illusion… Human Created the concept off time, we created the concept of a new year…. when we back up, we realize time is a concept we have created.”
Time to me is a reminder of how much I have left to go, and how the days are rapidly passing to years, and how years are turning to decades.

Therefore when setting New years Goals, don’t overload there time to plan new thing, be patient, and don’t give up!

“We don’t go into a new year and think our resolution are going  to make the whole year perfect there has to be a ying and yang there has to be struggle”

My New Years Resolutions is to: “Grow the Seeds I’ve have Planted.” By that I mean conquore my fitness, blog, business, self development, and creative living goals. 
What is your Resloution? 

Love, Monica Marie 💕

Video: YouTube  Image Source 


11 thoughts on ““How to Slay 2017””

  1. Great post great video. Balance is one big goal of mine for a few years. In 2016 things got a bit out of hand. So i want to just manage my time spend more time on inner work for at least first quarter and hopefully will have created a life long habit by them.. which means i want try and blog less (but i can see this is going to be hard- blogging less).. anyway lets see. Great post great video… i dont do new yrs resolutions since i was 16 i just do goals regularily when they come into my head. I have more success this way. Good luck with your goals

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  2. Thank you Bella, that sound like your sacrificing a little for the something bigger in your life. I’m sure you’ll get either used to blogging less, or find a schedule that works better for you to post frequently. That’s awesome that you stay motivated and goal focused 🙂 Thank you, I will work hard to accomplish them!

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  3. It is winter and it is cold. I struggle a bit. I am behind on my volunteer work so quite busy with that and return back to work tomorrow… i have never got my blogging schedule right.. it is still my first year. But i know the rest of my life needs attention as i am spending tooo much time on it. And i just want a bit of a break..but nervous at the same time… but i am sure it will sort it self out

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  4. I need to just write when I get a good topic, my problem is when I set a time sometimes I can’t think of anything. It will probably get easier as we go. 😊


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