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3 Steps towards becoming happier

Being happy is the easiest thing we can do. Yet daily were faces with situations that alters our mood and thought process. We fall victims of our situation, taking the great day to an okay one. We must realize we are the driver in our life. No one can take your smile, and that starts and ends with loving yourself. Loving yourself enough to to realize you are more important than any opposer, negative moment, or whatever life throws your ways. We must be wise & strong enough to to realize we are the creator of our destiny. Everyday were working towards the future, to a destination of our better self if that’s what we chose, everyday, every moment is an opportunity to free ones self from baggage and steer the other way.
These are 3 seemingly easy steps towards happiness: 

  1. Change the way you talk to yourself

Our inner voice/thoughts are powerful because only you can hear them and they are communicate though our exterior.  

Next time your faced with challenge, use the critizier in your mind to be your best friend. We can be allies our enemies with ourselves, why not be an ally?

2. Set new goals 

 Constatly working towards something positive and, accomplishing it proves ones determination. In addition, it build for a happier, successful future. 

3. Help others  

The feeing of wellness one gets by helping someone in needs is graceful. It’s boosted out self esteem and give is that good feeing of making a difference in someone’s life. 

May everyone have a blessed Day, thank you for reading 😊

Xoxo- Monica Marie 


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