Best Self

Food for thought 

If no one told me who I was, I would be a fearless, sweet heart who represented love, peace, and achievement. Nothing would hold me back, and I’d be a strong, focused, relentless, and just an overall loving individual.

Comment Below, who you Be? 



6 thoughts on “Food for thought ”

  1. For once, I would be myself comfortably achieving my dreams and living for myself. Hard to do these things when you have the world telling you who you should be.

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  2. Don’t listen to them, don’t even listen to me. Just wake up and set your path the way you choose to set it. Free yourself from limitation, voices and just live your life, because in the end it will only be you. Remember that, next time your stuck, you can be yourself, give yourself that privilege because it’s yours. ❤️

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  3. Hey Monica.. i am lucky in i studied Raja yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris.. whete it is explained we are souls we are immortal we love, peace, purity ,wisdom, joy. Any things negative is not us .. i do sometimes lack self respect ..more so when i was younger and a young adult. But through meditation and constant connection with divine and daily positive classes we reminded of all the positive we are to fly and be unique to love one self is easier and to be comfortable in my shoes is easier… people have defined and do.. but i always focus on being good ,kind, thoughtful, wise and always di my best and that what is right even if i stand should true to oneself… you gotta live with u forever ever. Have a great day.. how is your daily meditation going? Speak soon regards bella

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  4. I love this. ❤️ You are very fortunate, all the wonderful things that come with meditation are priceless. Thankyou for sharing this Bella, I enjoyed reading and learning this.


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