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Full body workouts or split workouts which is better?

Workout Splits VS. FullBody


I was ask to talk about this topic and it is a very popular topic to touch on so let’s get into it.

I believe it depends on the persons goals, how many days a week a person can go to the gym and lastly if they are a experience lifter or a newbie just coming into the fitness lifestyle. All these are key factors on if you should do full body workouts or body split workouts. Some might even be asking what is a body split workout it is when you target certain muscles on certain days kinda like doing chest and triceps one day then back and biceps the next then having a leg day spread out throughout your week. So which one should you do?

Ok if you can only committe to the gym 1-3 days a week and your goal is to lose body fat than…

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4 thoughts on “Full body workouts or split workouts which is better?”

  1. I do a split! But sometimes I’m just reallyyyy in the mood to feel sore all over and I’ll do a full body workout. Is that weird??

    A few years ago I hired a personal trainer to get me into shape in order to compete in the bikini division of a fitness competition. I ended up chickening out of the competition (boooooo!) but I’ve kept my workout plans from her and have just modified them a bit to be a little less intense since I’m not training to compete now. She had me on a 6 day split, so I just stuck with it!

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  2. No that is not weird at all I actually do the same! Aww man, are u considering doing it again ? That’s awesome I like to do 1 fully Body a week and splits the day of the days. That’s awesome u workout 6x, keep it up!


  3. I love your posts about Fitness, especially the split or full body workout post above! My blog is all about fitness, and I do it for a class of mine in college. I was wondering if there was anyway to contact you about possibly interviewing you about your blog, and getting different views on fitness! Let me know if there is anyway I can contact you! Thank you very much!

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  4. Hello, Im glad you liked my blog! These two post about the full body & spilt were not written by me. I shared them from another blogger. However I did just finish hosting a “28 Days to Loving your Body” challenged that you might find interest in. I would love to work with you, my email is Email me so we can talk some more 🙂


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