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Fitness Challenge Day 1

Today is the first day of our, “28 Days to Loving your body challenge.”The purpose here is not loses 5 pounds in a month, but to creating a active, healthy  lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

The workouts are a being held on a private chat, however I will be posting the daily mental stimulation we have here. 

Feel free to join in at any time 🙂

The only thing you’ll need is a Journal and a pen to document daily progress. 

We will start with a Monthly Affirmation.  

Everyday when you wake up and look in the mirror (or remember to) repeat this to yourself 10 times, and believe it!

Now to determine our current state of energy, and watch it transform in 28 days, we will take a  quiz to evaluate ourselves. Write it in our journal, and save it. We will compare our own numbers in the end. 

“How well do I feel about myself Quiz”

Rank each question from 1-10. 

(1 being the least 10 being the most) 

1. How much do you love yourself 

2. How confident do you feel about your body image? 

3. On average how much energy do you have throughout the day?

4. How happy are you?

5. What is your excitement level, for greeting a new day?

6. How content are you with your workout routine?

7. How happy are you  with your daily habits? 

Now add up the points: 

If you scored 7-20This challenge is definitely for you. Life can sometimes be a little daunty, and you could use some inspiration, and motivation. Your own your way to a better lifestyle. 

20-35 You have be best intentions to raise your standard of lifestyle, but need a little  push. With support and a game plan, you will crush your goals in no time! 

36-55 You are Content with life, things are going smooth, but life can definitely use a little spice. You are definitely ready to slay this challenge.

56-60- Nothing is stopping you. Your are happy, and nobody is raining on your parade. You are not afraid of a challenge and always welcoming new opportunitys. This will be a piece of cake for you, but this will be a heartfelt challenge so don’t miss out. 🙂

Comment below, share this post, and let’s empower one another.

Love – Monica Nicanor 


2 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Day 1”

  1. Reblogged this on ThoughtsnLifeBlog and commented:
    Dear Friends, This is a great challenge created by a fellow wordpress blogger. If you want to see details below. I am trying it out and i can already see some improvement. Well I am not that fit. Also what is nice about it is we cheer each other on. Join in if you want to..detail below..

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  2. Hey Bella, Thankyou for this repost, and I’m beyond Happy to hear you are already seeing improvement. It means a lot to have your support! The friendship we are building is what’s even more special. Thankyou again Bella ❤️


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