Best Self

Fitness Challenge Day:2 

I am beyond stoked for the Woman who are participating! They are all working so hard, and it make me happy to see them getting stronger everyday!

Today we did Legs, and the mental stimulation for today will be to write a small passage as to:

Why are you choosing to better yourself?

For many it’s health, for others it’s image, for me it’s to live my life purpose.

To become my all, I must work every single day to be a better me. Nothing rewarding in life is given. I don’t want to be 27 wishing I did this, and that, I want to be 27 and be able to do whatever I please in this world. With no restriction of money, insecurity, or a prisoner to my own mind. To see my vision manefist, I know I must always do my best, so what I plant now, will harvest later. This is my long term goal. For a closer vision, when I turn 24 in three months, I want to be extremely proud of my self. Beyond, happy with my mind, body, and soul. This is why I choose to better myself everyday.

Now what your reason? Write it on a paper, and visit this everytime your feel like giving up.

You are stronger than you think, don’t every forget that!

Have a wonderful Day/Night Everyone!

Love, Monica

Ps. Repeat this Affirmation to yourself & Belive it!


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