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I have the Power to Choose. I have the Will Power. It is up to me to ….

Beautiful Post on Gratitude & Blessings.
For today, write 10 things your grateful for and reflect on them.


Remember to make every day count, even Monday.   And, be thankful you have a job, that you can earn money. Or even if you don’t work, be thankful for what you have.  Be thankful for the tablet, ipad, computer, the mobile phone that allows you to read this post on.   Be thankful for the bed you sleep in, the home, the food, the light, and the warm bath.

Be thankful, that you have an opportunity to live well and make your life better.   It is all a choice,  I can love it or dislike it,  I can change that feeling of negative into positive, or positive into negative.

In everything there is a blessing, change your attitude to it all and you will see the blessing in everything, including the horrible stuff.  When you look for blessings, even at difficult times, you stop your mind from overthinking a problem…

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