Fitness Challenge Recap. Why failure is Sucess.

Sooooooo…. Iv been very quite lately on WordPress, considering I started my fitness Challenge to give myself something to write about everyday & to  promote my Blog. (Besides wanting to challenge myself physically & mentally of course.) I was planning to write mental workouts on here everyday, but to be honest I put more on my plate than I can handle. This being my first challenge I didn’t know what to expect, or much less how to plan for this event. However the hard work doesn’t take away, how grateful and blessed I feel to be able to host this Challenge.

I tend to feel guilty when I set out to do something, and I don’t accomplish it. I am now trying to change that, because I do my best, and that needs to be enough for me. Theres no point to feel like a failure because in reality I’m succeding somewhere else. That place right now happenes to be the challenge. I’m pushing myself, and others to create better versions of themselves, and that is exactly what I wanted. Its one of my reasons why I started my blog, to help myself while helping others. 

These ladies are pushing themselves to come out of their comfort level, and creating healthier lifestyles. I know when this is over I will leave something with them, that if this challenge was not created, they would not have.  I am also exelerating to another level,  because of this challenge, and I got each person who is participating to thank.  For those reason  I will continue to do my best, and feel successful even when I miss one shot. I hope whatever you are doing, you don’t give up, do your best, and you are happy with your sucess! 

Thankyou for reading, and for supporting me in my ventures! 



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