Motivation Monday” with Leesha McGuiness;

        Today marks day twenty of our fitness challenge! With 8 days left we are working hard to improve our lifestyle everyday. We are also very lucky to have a special guest, Leesha McGuiness! I came across her after watching a video from Heidi Somers, “10 Fitness girls in one house.” I commented on the video, Leesha replied and from there our relationship was born. I went over to her channel and I was inspired by her journey, and wanted her to share it with us. She happily agreed and took course to be part of the challenge as well.She is nothing but loving, knowledgeable and favorable. 
Below is a Q&A video she has put together for everyone. 
I would like to share it with you all. She has done an excellent job in supporting us and spreading positivity any opportunity she gets. 

Check her channel out for more workouts, nutrition tips, humor, and a view of Australia. 

Thank-You Leesha for your support, your commitment to helping us is being fulfilled. our YouTube is an inspiration and we look forward to meeting you in April!

-Mon ❤️


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