Best Self

Misfortune to Victory

When you have pain the best thing you can do is, do something with it.

-Rick Hinnant 

It is said that we humans can not bare to know we went through something tragically for nothing. That we all need to blame something; whether it be ourselves or others. We reason our experience with a story that serve a greater purpose. When we change the perception of how we view the incident our minds; we change from victim to survivor.

She was happy about her child and prepared to take on this level of her life. After Complications Melissa Hinnant of Grace and Lace lost a life. With the sadness that brought, she created an inspiration to many others. Later to open a business that helps encourage many people today. Experiencing pain was just a stage to make the whole situation better. Using the grief had pushed her, it has pushed them.

Melissa & Rick Hinnant created something that is now helping many.

Grace and Lace is now a Woman garment company. During her bed rest period, she decided she needed to do something with her hands. She was inspired to make a baby blanket and to later make socks. From there she continued to sew and hasn’t stopped. One pair turning into two, two into three, the business took off.

Rick & Melissa believed that something good would come with their faith and it did. Grace & Lace donates money to their cause with every purchase. Melissa and Rick together were able to create something beautiful from their pain.

With their faith they were able to transform their story of the loss to a successful philanthropic business. Nothing can replace the loss but what they have done to help other children is priceless. They took their pain and turned it into something beautiful.No matter how and what you’ve gone through in life trust that there will be a brighter side; That you will come out victorious and your lesson will serve a great purpose.

Melissa Hinnant is a survivor, we are not victims; We are survivors.

-Monica Nicanor


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