Best Self

“28 Days to Loving your Body” Challange 

This challenge was complete success.

The goal here was to learn to love ourselves unconditionally physically and mentally. To realize we are imperfectly perfect, and we can accomplish anything we set out minds too.

I’m grateful and proud of each woman who joined me on this challenge to better themselves. They all did an amazing job! Too see them go from not wanting to workout, to being in the gym at 1am is amazing. It was great to see them step out of their comfort zone, to become a healthier, stronger version of themselves.

Working out is not an accessory but a necessity of life. It’s essential for personal self development as it creates discipline, strength and a healthy mind and body. 

I look forward to doing this challenge ever February! 

Now that I have accomplished this my next challenge will be Christian Guzman    Summer Shredding, challenge. Its a 90 day challenge to joining him on prepping for his Physique Competition. The person with top 10 with biggest transformation wins $2,500. Look  forward to continue to bettering myself in every aspect. 

Also remember it’s never to late to start or continue your fitness of personal development journey! 
Love, Monica M Nicanor 


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