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Decluttering to Clear Your Mind

Love this concept!

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A cluttered house is a cluttered mind. It’s hard to think with piles of things sitting around in either place, taking up precious space. Taking a few minutes each day to keep the piles from being created; this can save you time and effort on another day.

These past few days, I’ve been attacking clutter head on. While I keep a mostly clean house, I find that some things and areas tend to pile up (things to file away are my weakness it seems, as are books on the coffee table and journals – oh, my!). Now I’m resolving myself to prevent the piles from rebuilding once I’ve broken them down. When I return home now, my house feels more welcoming and friendly.

Sorting things into 3 categories: what to keep, throw away and give away, I helped my daughter to clean her room this week. A bag of trash…

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12 thoughts on “Decluttering to Clear Your Mind”

  1. I loved it so much I watched twice. Will write it down the next time I watch it with more time 🙂 I really was inspired in so many ways . I will be sharing it with friends as we should all watch this especially on Womans Day 🙂

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  2. I have watched it so many times and shown my mum. but still haven’t written it down. I feel this is one , one of those that you keep forever and return to again and again – until i master it to my capacity.. hope you had a good day
    regards bella

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